The Real Estate Property Law

Real estate legal matters can take many forms, but our company specializes in everything. We’re here to help you, whether it’s a neighbor dispute, buying your first home or negotiating a rent.

So if you want to buy or sell your property, it is mandatory to consult an experienced expert to keep your transaction protection private to check the property in question.

Our expertise includes all aspects of transactions of drafting, negotiating, controlling and supervising the sale and purchase of immovable property, conclusion of contract and deed of sale, ownership, disposition, transfer of title, setting up property structures to satisfy inheritance, taxation, and due diligence in relation to registration with trust/escrow account for projects Unplanned, whether the property is free of undisclosed impediments to secondary market buyers, development certificates, and an updated list of canceled projects.

And provide legal advice that suits each case according to its circumstances.

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