Law of Companies and Branches in Free Trade Zones in UAE

What is a free trade zone?

It is an area designated in a country for commercial activities such as importing and storing goods without import duties and some commercial/industrial/commercial operations may be carried out without certain taxes or restrictions. Free zone establishments can conduct business transactions only within the applicable free zone or abroad or they need a local agent to sell their products.

What makes free trade zones the most desirable location for foreign investors to establish or expand their business in the UAE

The main benefits of free zones:

100% foreign ownership and return of capital and profits to the foreign investor’s home country without any obstacles.

There are also no restrictions on currency, with flexible work packages available based on requirements.

It is not required to rent an office or a local sponsor, and there is no minimum required capital.

The type of company, location and budget must be taken into consideration when setting up any commercial activity. There are many free zones in the United Arab Emirates, which operate in a distinguished industrial and commercial activity that provides foreign investors with modern infrastructure and advanced commercial facilities with international standard standards.

Each free zone authority is managed by a specific governing body and has applicable fees, business establishment protocol, laws and regulations, as well as other laws that govern the various free zones in the United Arab Emirates.

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Advantages of the UAE Offshore Company:

Multiple activities (commercial, intermediary or professional services, holding companies) with one license

Restricted Activities:

Aviation, media and insurance

It is also characterized by confidentiality and low cost of establishment, as it has a registered office in the United Arab Emirates.

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