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ASLC is considered one of the strongest legal offices with 25 years of cumulative experience, as well as trust and credibility. It is an innovative, integrated legal office, with a vision and commitment to provide professional legal services and legal advice to a variety of clients, international entrepreneurs, small and medium enterprises, multinational companies and financial institutions working within United Arab Emirates.


Rapid leadership and the rescuing presence of all our partners


ASLCare devoted to satisfying the demands of our partners by maintaining continuous and daily connection with them in a friendly and trusting environment.


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we do work, not just talk.

Honesty in work

Excellence, leadership, and differentiation from competitors

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Our organization has established itself as a reliable and stable partner


We combine the quality of services and a deep understanding of the law


An effective way to protect the client's rights and achieve maximum results

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We Are a Team of Highly Professional Specialists

Each of us practices in certain areas of law, which in general allows us to fully meet the client’s needs for legal support. We are always open to interesting ideas and proposals, as well as ready for constructive and comprehensive cooperation!


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SLC legal consultants provide legal services in specialized fields, and we
have agreements with the greatest law firms to assure the preservation of
our customers' rights and interests.
We represent our clients across all courts within and outside the United
Arab Emirate, when required through significant licensed law firms
Our teams are expert in wide range of scopes such as:

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