Legal Advice and Services

  1. Contract Drafting Our services include advising on all aspects of contractual issues in order to achieve the client’s business objectives – stock purchase agreements, shareholder agreements, agency or distribution agreements, cooperation agreements, confidentiality agreements (mutual, one-way), labor contracts, construction contracts, financing agreements, leases, service agreements, international contracts, governing and applicable law, choice of jurisdiction and conflict of laws.

2 Litigation letters, legal notices, public auctions, and amicable settlements through business to commercial debt mediation.

3 Intellectual property: advising on the acquisition, registration and protection of intellectual property, franchises, licenses, patents, trademarks and copyrights.

4 . Legal alerts service

5 . Legal opinion and investigation services of all kinds.

  1. Legal documents/business plan, personal information sheet for each shareholder etc.
  2. Related government services and companies
  3. Notary Certificates and Certificate – Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Affidavits, POA
  4. Investors’ rights and protection contracts
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